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Improve your website

How do you improve your website? There’s no effortless answer, but there are straight forward things you can do to improve an existing website. There’s always room for improvement, and you should constantly be looking to improve your online presence and that’s where comes in.

We recommend starting with a Website Review, which will give you a good idea of the next steps you should take.

first you’ve got to know what’s broken

Sometimes you can’t see through the thicket. You need to take a step back and see your website through fresh eyes; an expert’s eyes.

Until you know what’s broken, how can you ever hope to fix it?

Secondly, listen to your users; learn from them

Everyone has an opinion about the design and functionality of your website; and who’s to say which opinion is right? The most important opinion is the one you’ve probably been ignoring all this time - your users’.

Listen to them, watch how they use your website and learn from them. Who are you trying to please anyway?

Which is better; Version A or B? Don't guess, let your users tell you...


Three: update regularly, plan ahead & be smart

Once you start improving your website, you can follow some simple truths which apply to any website.

First, update it frequently. Your visitors will not only thank you for fresh content, but so will the Search Engines, in the form of better rankings.

You should constantly have a plan. Even if it’s a rough outline of where you can take your website next, if you don’t plan ahead, you’re likely to stand still. So be smart and map out how you see your website developing.


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