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Start 2012 by shaping and revamping your brand online. This is the only way you will be able to establish and grow a positive presence online and convert traffic to your website into profitable business. Start by doing the following:

1. Get online in style (if you haven't) - let a professional web design company develop an impressive and interactive website for your business. Don't do it yourself, its not worth it.

2. Get a Facebook Page and Twitter profile for your business (and keep it active) - in 2012 traffic to websites will be boosted by traffic from these two sites. Even search engines like Google have started taking activities from these two sites very seriously while ranking companies online.

3. Undertake Internet Marketing Seriously - just like the normal makering, internet marketing deserves a plan and a budget. How do you expect to get clients online if you don't market your business online? Search Engine Marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to get flowing business from online visitors.

4. Monitor your Return On Investment - Track traffic to your site using free and comprehensive tools like Google Analytics. See who visits your site and what they do while there.

5. Finally, think of your business reputation. Identify positive and negative comments from people and even your clients that are hidden inside millions of websites, Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts. Know all these through online reputation management.

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Visa Debit and Credit Cards in Uganda

Stanbic Bank has launched a solution that will enable many Ugandan Businesses access international goods and services through the credit card system. Once your company has a website, you can actually sell to people in Uganda. Credit cards in Uganda has been a totally alien solution because hardly anybody uses it. The only use for credit cards has been to buy stuff online from companies offering goods or services abroad.

The banks in Uganda have also been a little slow at marketing this service to its clients. Once the populace begin to embrace this system instead of carrying cash all over, that would be the beginning of a booming ecommerce business in Uganda and Africa.
The full story is as below)
VISA Debit & Credit Cards
A new kind of card. Anew kind of convenience.

Convenience of withdrawing from anywhere in the world
There are over 1 million VISA ATMs worldwide. So whether it’s midnight in Kenya or 8.30 am in New York, your Stanbic Bank VISA debit/Credit card will ensure you get your cash right when you need it.

Convenience of not having to carry hard cash
For your peace of mind, avoid the security anxieties caused by carrying lots of money.

Convenience of cash access 24 hrs a day
Our AutoBank network operates 24 hrs in all major towns all over the country. So while on a trip upcountry, whether to visit relatives, business or leisure, all you need for your pecuniary needs is your Stanbic Bank VISA debit/Credit card.

Convenience of simplified money management
With a Stanbic Bank VISA debit/Credit card, keeping track of how much you spend, and on what, couldn’t be easier. You can access detailed monthly statement s that show all your cash transactions including withdrawals.
Extra convenience
The Stanbic Bank VISA Credit card allows you the extra convenience of overdrafts. If ever you’re caught without enough cash to accomplish your purpose, you will be afforded a specific amount of extra monies over and above your deposits to assist your cause.

For more information, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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