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Updating of sites is of high significance

Do you need a website redesigned or fine tuned to suit your needs? In recent years many businesses developed a website or web presence yet were left with an ineffective, outdated-looking site that with limited ability for updates or editing. We specialize in website redesign and ugrades in order to suit your current desire and information with regards to your sites.

You may not need a whole new website, but just a re-tooling of your present site.Just some few changes to a website  are more convenient depending on a given clients wish.

Sometimes adding few new graphics,texts,hyper- links or adding new text can do wonders for an outdated and  inanimate website. The great thing about websites is that they are always upgraded depending on what is needed at that given time.

You can build your web site as you go, try new ideas, add new content remove old content, adapt to the changing preferences on the global scene .

Any given website should remain inviting, functional,competive,fully functional,current and help you achieve your online business goals.

That's where Efoundation IT uganda limited can  can be of great assistance.


Our complete website planning strategy.

For a website, you need a domain name, a hosting account and a well thought out design that actually meets the needs of your business or organization. 
All too often, businesses implement a website only to find it doesn't work for them. Usually this is due to poor planning or no web strategy at all.

If your website is more of an expense than a business asset, you probably need to review your website strategy.If you are considering a new website or have a site that is not performing well and you don’t know how to proceed, you may benefit from our strategy and planning services.

We will help you define a clear  well defined web strategy. This includes the intended purpose for having a website, articulating your business goals, target audience and competition and then suggesting ways to ensure your online presence is specifically targeted to deliver the results you expect.Once your web strategy has been defined the planning of your website will be designed to support the basis of that strategy.

Focusing on your target audience, how to connect to your customers and motivating them to do business with you.We then plan and implement a search-engine friendly architecture that promotes accessibility and usability from the start. This ensures your site will gain relevant and targeted traffic with a sustainable foundation that supports positive growth for additional features and requirements in the future.

We will determine what makes your brand unique and create a professional style guide to ensure a consistent display of your identity to promote its visibility and appearance and drive action.Web applications provide your visitors with an enhanced and more effective experience, significantly increasing your customer’s engagement. Based on your web strategy we will create a solution that matches the right online features and tools to your specific needs.

If you don’t have goals or a  Well defined and comprehensive website strategy, you’re throwing away potential clients and going nowhere on the Internet. That’s why critical thinking drives our website planning.This leaves our elite team thinking on technical strategies on how to enable your site get maximum hits by your web audience.

Before making any recommendations, we analyze the past and present performance of your existing site. Then we conduct competitive analysis to find the strengths and weaknesses of your competition’s websites.

Finally, we research your target audience to find out what they want and expect. With all this knowledge and any special requirements that you may request, we provide Internet consulting, complete with strategic website planning, to help you meet your business goals.




Website design for institutions of learning.

Want a modern, professional website you can update easily?Efoundation IT(U) Limited is the solution. Every school and organisation can now take control of their website with ease and very little technical knowledge. We have done all the hard work for you.

You choose the design.

We activate your website.

You can easily login, add news, text , images and any other information for your institution such as university,college,school technical institution and so on.We are specialists in  content management systems their integration in institutional websites.

Schools are able to use video, podcasts, polls, surveys, blogs, forums and secure areas to bring their school websites to life with our new, easy to use content management system.We are dedicated to the development of the education industry, taking a unique approach from others in our field. We believe the key to producing an excellent product lays not only in the power of our software but in its simplicity and beauty. No longer will school websites and e-learning platforms prove heavy and cumbersome, intimidating nor hard to learn.

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Advertising products using the web


Promotion of your services using an elaborate well layed out website creates great opportunities for your company or bussiness to network and obtain maximum clients . In order to achieve your trade related and advertised goals, you'll need a unique promotional method like the internet that can grab attention, increase your clients  and convert more bussiness prospects  into reality. Our Promotions Specialists can help you find corporate promotional gateways that will give your team the competitive edge in this high paced society.Forexample let it be your fashion collection,or music or drinks.instead of only trying radios or televisions which might not be very efficient,the internet is a major tool.Statistics show that the internet trend of advertisements is really going high and thats the reason organisations or bussinesses or companies using the internet are flourishing in this high tech era.Our promotional department deals with clients who want there products easily accesible on the web and thereby reach their targeted

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Medical Web Design

Medical Web Design, we create websites for medical professionals (Doctor Web Design and Medical Web Design). Our services for Medical Web Design include blog design for doctors and medical professionals and personal website design.

The Internet has become an essential tool for healthcare providers. According to new Research, physician websites are a venue for delivering trusted content and physician capabilities. A new Internet poll survey also found that one-third of internet users have searched for a doctor online.

Our team of designers prides itself on developing custom websites that stand out for their elegant design, useful content, and effectiveness in attracting patients. Our custom websites are tailored to reflect the unique and distinctive qualities of our clients and their practices.

Our medical website design process is an all inclusive solution, from domain registration and web design to content management. The Physician Designs team will work together with you to build, manage, and market your website on the Internet.


With our custom website design you can communicate a strong, elaborate message that will help your patients understand your services, practice philosophy, and how it influences your approach to medicine.

Physician Designs specializes in designing custom medical websites for doctors, dentists,, senior living, hospitals, urgent care clinics, and other medical practices.



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