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It is also important that your website has fresh content on a regular basis as this will help search engine rankings and ensure that visitors have a reason to keep returning to your website.

As a result, In addition to our regular Website Design services, Uganda's Professional Website Design Company is happy to announce our Professional Website Maintenance packages has been launched for clients who do not have the time or man power to update, debug, edit content, add news, backup and run general maintenance of your online profile.


Efoundation IT has extensive experience in managing and running websites so let us take the pressure off you by ensuring that your website is current and up-to-date as and when you require.

It is paramount that your website content is updated  on a regular basis so that it continually displays accurate information to your users. Whether the content is images, product information or promotions, your information needs to be correct to ensure it is current, interesting and sells your product and service.

We offer Website Maintenance and Update Services

We offer you the ability to outsource your content maintenance including HTML coding. We will make all the relevant content changes so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere in your business.

Our service is offered on an ad-hoc, daily, weekly or monthly basis and we also offer trials so that you can decide whether this solution is the most appropriate for you. Please note that the service is only offered to websites who currently use a Content Management System (CMS) or program in HTML.

Our Costs are very affordable as we know exactly what to do unlike other "website designers" who instead choose to outsource this service from competent folk like us and then charge you a cost that will wind-down your business... talk to us


So you want a website…Things to consider


Having a website is an important part of marketing your business.


* establish a presence for your business 24/7, 365 days/year

* are your online brochure or catalog

* promote your services

* sell your products

* serve your customer immediately with the information they seek

* heighten public interest

* answer frequently asked questions

* allow feedback

* advertise employment information – recruiting packages

Our Webmaster, implementing the future.Once you’ve decided you need a website – how do you plan for one?

Consider the Big Picture:

* What is the goal of your website?

  • short term
  • long term

* Who is your target audience?

* How will your target audience find your website?

* How will you measure the effectiveness of your website?

* Who will maintain your website after the initial design process?

* What is your budget?

* What is your website timeline?

Here are a few helpful hints to get you organized:

* Make a list of five websites that have designs that are to-die-for (not content – just design)

o What do you like about each of those five sites? Navigation, Colors, Fonts, Videos etc.

* Make a list of three competitor’s websites

o What services or products do you offer that are stronger than theirs?

* Make a list of five descriptive words you want people to think of when they see your site (conservative, traditional, modern, goth etc)

* Make a list of three strong words/phrases which your target audience will use to find your site


Website Design service for Hotels

“Our goal is simple: Increase your hotel's reservations through your website by implementing the latest technology, SEO techniques and internet marketing solutions, Uganda’s Leading Website Design Company strives to be your hotel Internet marketing partner”

Hotel Website Design Services in UgandaWhether you own a hotel, guesthouse or B&B, we will show you how to showcase your establishment to your potential customers using the latest web technologies the  industry has to offer . A website is one of the most important decision making tools when booking holiday and business accommodation,  If you don’t have a website, then you have lost a lot of revenue because clients abroad don’t have access to the local hard copy directories distributed by local firms, they will go by what is established on the internet!  Yes! A decision to stay at your hotel will depend on how organized your website is. A bad website normally casts a bad shadow on a business. In this century, you have to make every effort to keep your website as neat and updated as frequently as possible (with relevant information ofcourse.

Efoundation IT  has developed a winning modus operandi for hotel websites. We take hotel website development beyond design and create the right balance between, navigation, usability, functionality, structure, visuals and content.

Your website design will have the look and feel that best fits with the image and style of your hotel or resort to communicate the experience guests can await.

We don't just build hotel website designs that looks flashy, we sit with your team and come up with a hotel website template that is built with Search engine optimization of website content, website meta-tags, website keywords and site structure to ensure that you get maximum visits of the right traffic. Your hotel web site will be set with standards and specifications to ensure you rise above your competition on search engines like google, yahoo and Bing.  We will make sure it nets It will be well positioned for a broad range of keyword searches and market segments.

We’ll provide you with a website that provides your customers with everything they need to make the decision to stay at your establishment and provide you with something that is easy to manage, easy to maintain and potentially save you money from unnecessary advertising.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to improve your Hotels Global presence and image


Websites For Law Firms

If you are a lawyer or law firm but still don’t have a website then you have undermined your very existence, you have thrown away clients and associated revenue. Everybody these days needs legal services either for civil, domestic or commercial affairs. The first place they go to look for such services is on the internet. The search engine they probably use is either google, yahoo or bing; And that’s how other clever lawyers and law firms get business. The question you are probably asking is where? When? And how can your law firm have a website that is professional designed in the shortest time possible? The answer is Efoundation IT (U) Ltd, Uganda’s finest website Design company

We design websites for Law firmsProspective clients and other attorneys are looking to the web now more than ever to gather information and research law topics. The quality of the development and design of your web site reflects the quality of legal service you provide. Our team understands web site design for lawyers, and the development and promotion services they need. The Efoundation IT law web design Team provides more than just pretty web design and outstanding search engine ranking for your site. We provide advice and opportunities to gather the best prospective law clients, and we do it for the best price in the market. Attorneys and law firms use the web to replace other media on an increasing basis. aaaOur professional designs and internet marketing will help your law firm stay ahead of the curve.

Yes! We help our learned friends come up with the right type of website to portray their image and expound their services. This is only possible because we understand our client's niche which enables us develop a website that fully represents their services and lets them stay at the top of the search engine rankings.  This is the combination that allows a law firm take full advantage of the internet marketing industry. Taking the time to understand what our client do is how Efoundation IT (U) Ltd takes a little known company to the next level in a subtle let resolute approach.

We offer Continued Support

Efoundation IT (U) Ltd feels that having a close relationship with our clients allows us to be more effective in creating websites and marketing campaigns that represent that client well. We are in continued contact with our clients to ensure they are being provided the services they want and need. Once we have created the perfect site for our client we do not simply disappear from the picture. We are there with regular support through maintenance of the website when necessary and continued adjustments to the marketing campaign as your firm changes and the interest and needs of the target audience change.

Our legal website design department was founded for attorneys. Efoundation IT (U) Ltd does not sell or share your information with any entity. Feel free to Contact Efoundation IT (U) Ltd for more information on how we can help you create an internet marketing website and plan that will bring your firm to beat the competition

Websites for Project Tracking

Too often failing projects surprise us. Have you ever had a project that seemed to be going along just fine, and then, when the delivery deadline drew near, suddenly, everyone's two months late?

It leads you to wonder, "How could I have missed that this project was two months late?" "What planet was I on where this project appeared to be on time?"

Given that approximately three quarters of all technical projects fail to meet their schedule, budget or feature set goals, you'd think we would be better at spotting groups that are "off the rails." The reality is that determining when a project is in trouble is not an easy thing and problems that seem obvious in hindsight are murky at the time that they occur.

Monitoring project progress is an important part of a leader's role. Knowing when and how to intervene in failing projects is critical to the overall health of any technology organization. Whether the intervention is to cancel a hopeless effort, or to correct team skill or resource imbalances, managers need to spot difficulties early in order to prevent issues from becoming disasters.

Efoundation IT is happy to announce that we can now help you set up a website just to make everybody's work easy. Such a website would set milestones, tasks and deadlines for every user. The system is set up to automatically send reminders via email and one cannot easily forget a deadline that is approaching. The project co-ordinator can have an overview of project tasks and how far along everybody is. The best part is that the system is secured with access levels and therefore confidentiality is part of the design.

Of course, projects don't really slip two months in one day. They fall behind a little every day and the slippage accumulates until we notice it. So the question is how can you notice the problems and fix them when they're mole hills rather than mountains?

Most project methodologies call for monitoring task progress, budget tracking, and hours observations to check on the health of a project. Unfortunately, I find that these are inadequate to gauge real progress. Estimating task completion is notoriously subjective. The last 10% always seems to take 80% of the time. Counting hours expended has nothing to do with real progress. Effort rarely equals results. Although knowing how much of your budget has been spent is important, any positive correlation between the percentage of budget expended and percentage of project completed is generally coincidental.

The best method that I've found is to use what I call micro-deliverables. Most projects are planned with series of tasks that lead to major deliverables, the documents, deployments, or code that the tasks create. But these deliverables are usually the result of many people's work over a period of weeks or even months.

Micro-deliverables are much smaller, individual efforts. When you plan for micro-deliverables, each person on a project has responsibility for some physical product every few days. Then you can gauge the health of the project by checking whether the micro-deliverables are done or not. You don't have to wait for months until a big deadline looms to check the health of a project.

When planning for and using micro-deliverables, there are a few simple rules to follow:

1. Never let anyone go longer than a week without owing a micro-deliverable.
Any time a person goes longer than a week without a deliverable, they go into a black hole of unknown progress. You can't really gauge how they are doing, and you are more likely to be surprised.

2. Micro-deliverables are either done or not done.

When measuring progress, there are only two states for micro-deliverables. They are either 100% complete, or the 0% complete. Progress is marked only by final approval of the item. Otherwise, you get into the subjective world of guessing how close to done things are, which is inevitably inaccurate.

3. Progress is not measured in effort, but in micro-deliverables

The only meaningful measure of progress is whether micro-deliverables are done on time or not. If they are coming in late, the project is late. If they're on time, the project's on time.

4. A micro-deliverable is the responsibility of only one person.

If the deliverable is owned by more than one person, it becomes a problem to figure out where the real difficulties lie.

Using these simple rules, you can begin to identify project problems quickly and accurately avoiding the surprises that are otherwise all too common.


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